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-Tatoos of my life-
Stains on my skin.
ink of memories fallen too.
Pale cover so thin.
ink sinking through

Taking black needles into me.
feel pain surge on the spot.
seeing the pain to be.
something too strong too be fought.

memories inbedded in my live.
never forgotten.
stuck in my heart like a thousands of knives.
making me bleed like a tat.
something so strong tearin through my back...

ok well yeah I just wrote that. pretty good huh? I'm trying too upload pix of me and justin but they arent working. I'm trying cause I want you guys too see how adorable we are together.
I hate myself. I 'm starting too fucking fall for kittie again::tears::I dont want this....I really dont. all thats came from our relationships were hurt. like big time. maybe not too her. but it was too me majorly...someone just get it over and shoot my or give me amnesia.
X ShadowXwodahS X
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