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ok. I've had a few drInks. I'm calmer. look I'm sorry I shouldlnt have used the word "hate" but yeah. I just feel horrIble. everyones almsot always talking shIt about me and crap lIke that. and look. I dont care what people say. I have saId thIngs about alot alot of people. I called kIttIe a bItch. KrIssy a hoe. Sarah very egocentrIc. Kyle a backstabber. jasmIne a slut. flor a large mouth. teagan is moody. I admIt It. whatever. I love my friends. but they dont seem too care about me lIke I do them. I just dont thInk I can put up wIth thIs shIt anymore. and vInce doesnt even fuckIng care If I move. I talked too him and he saId "whatever.". fuckIng asshole. I dont care. look just accept my apolIgy cause I wont do It agaIn.
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