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ok well yes. I do happen to have a new obsession..."The Blair Witch Project". I watched it last monday and I watched it atleast 3 times a day at most....7. Yes 7. lol. I found out it was fake afterwards and I was really upset. cause it was so awesome. if that would have happened for real I would have been out in montgomery county in a second! you have no idea. but since I watched it I've been talking about it non stop and how I'm planning on doing something so similar. I'm planning on in my freshman year too get at the most 4 of my friends that are up for it and have a thing for cameras and filmaking and picture taking to come with me and help me with a rather interesting documentary. I went on some searching for things on the interent and atleast of 6 of my research topics something in St.Augustine came up. I was astounded at how amazing this sounded. So there is a Spot in a thing of woods in st.augustine and in these woods there was a ritual that went on in a clearing where there are 20 trees that have either a pentacle or Satans star and there is one tree with both that are very large. and there were exactly 100 men placed in the circle and they all died 3 days later after being trapped inside of the circle. people still dont know what the hell killed them but they're were no traces of blood drawings, wounds, or poison or anything.5 trees are missing the stars and its said that if you take a piece of that star away from that tree but still inside you get severely injured maybe even a fatal one but if you take it from the circle your too die within the next week. 5 pieces of trees and stars are missing. those people admitted too it after they started feeling sick or weird and they died within the next week of an unknown death. theres also another spot. its too where 5 of the men that were trapped were taken out and skinned. Their skin was used as almost a paper like thing and they dres symbols and "spells" on the skin with the mens blood and than the men were burned into five different trees facing eachother and you can still see them there if you have the guts too go into the woods. which only 6 people have gone in and so far only 1 has survived. hopefuly my friends listen too me and dont do anything idiotic. :( I dont want anymore dead friends.

I cant fucking wait too go!!!!!!!!!!! I have all my things already. I have the dates planned out, I've got 4 diffrent types of maps, I've got 1 person already planning on going with me[thanks mike], I've got all of the things I need already[camera, canteens, lists of food we need to get, tents, hiking bags], the places we need too hit. [4 places], and where we're staying in the woods. right next too the circle.
theres alot more too the circle but I have too go to work so I'll update it all later. oh yeah one quick fact thats awesome. there was an alter[they dont know if its still there] that was made out of crushed nad melted human bones. =) yeeeee!!!!!!!!!!awesome right?!
P.S. if anyones interested pelase tell me. I'm taking people into the plan now. I promise too not let you die ;)
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