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~Juggalos/juggalettes hatchet cleaning service~

My hatchets in the cleaners can I borrow yours?

26 April


nothing much to say really.
what makes me happy-insane clown posse, SHAGGY 2 DOPE, VIOLENT J,fairs, medievil stuff, fairys, dragons, etc., movies, facepainting like clowns, dressing like a clown,[only insane clown posse style thank u very much] reading, raving, glowsticks, swimming, being with my friends, star gazing, camping, being outside, listening to music, running around naked, dancing in the shower, talking to my buddies online, singing, playing piano and guitar.

what makes me want too MURDER-people who talk shit, eminem, people who hate any group thats workin with psychopathic records, people to hate clowns period, obnoxious assholes that think there vampires and werewolves and ghouls, people who are too loud, people who think there suicidal and go and tell everyone about how they tried killing themselves.

some of my friends.[no one really. if u arent on here. sorry. you suck.]
justin-cocoa betty-my bf. I love him oo so much. dead sexy. nice. funny. stupid,lol. my soul mate...I lllloooovvveee yyyooouu<3

kristen-kristizzle-my serious down to earth girl.

anjelica-witchbaby-nice, cool, good person to actually have a civil converstaion with.

anna-cherry-my lil cousin.

brittany-bitchbitch-my other cousin.

krissy-cowgirl-my redneck bitch,lol.

tripp, simone, anthony, joey, maige, tony, kaylyn, aaron, flor, teagan, joanne, kittie, summer and some others.

~this is a fucking friends only journal~

hey look. its jimmy urine.::pokes computer screen:: hot hot hot.

The Six Joker Cards are Love

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hot ass shit huh?.
Novalleous Celeste(yes we have same middle name)rasmido(she has such a beatiful name. italian ofcourse,lol.)- she was my best friend. she always will be. during the nights when I'm cold and scared. I'll look out my window at the first star i saw after she died. and talk to it. it wont reply but i know what she'd say. I loved her. she was my sister. my other half. my first friend. when i was having a rough time she'd be there for me too talk too. when i had a cut or a bruise she'd bethere too cry on. when the guy i liked dumped me for some slut or something she'd be there to talk with me and tell me he wasnt worth it. we shared some of the funniest shit u can imagine. we've shared the saddest. we've shared almost every kind of emotional memory except for an angry one. we never got angry with eacohther. it was impossible. people tried. people failed. people said stuff. nothing happened. people talked shit. they got there asses kicked.lol. i remeber one time. i didnt have any friends except her and my first boyfriend(he wasnt at the time. i was only 6). well u know mary had a little lamb. mary mary quite contrary. u know. well I'd cry when people said that stuff to me. when they'd push me down. throw dirt in my eyes. i didnt tell anyone and then nova and justin witnessed it. we were only in preschool. but damn they were protective over me like alot people are still today.well one kid (it was a daycamp)threw mulch in my eyes and pushed me off the tittertotter. and i ran and cried beneeth this big oak tree that was there(this was in kentucky)so i sat under there and cried. until i heard someone go owww i'm telling! i looked over and the people that were mean to me were like 9-10. so they were kinda big. but when i looked ovr nova had one of the kids on the ground poking his eyes. scratching biting anything to hurt him. and then justin tripped the other boy and kicked him in his face. IN HIS FACE. i look back and laugh about it. sometimes cry but laughter comes out eventually. she's always my best friend. after justin died i didnt know what i'd do. but she was there. but now shes gone. and I'm lost in our trail of memories that i wish were still becoming...

Justin Rozier +Mary darr =clown luv for eva
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sorry from whoever I took this from. but its really cool!
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yes I do have an obsession with S2D so watev.

this is my skool pic. lmao. I look so fat
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I adopted a cute lil' February birthstone fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

abk, all out war, anjelica, anybody killa, ashley, atreyu, axes, b'witched, beastie boys, being in love, big money hustlers, bisexuality, black metal, blaze, blaze ya dead homie, bob marley, boogie woogie wu, bowling pins, brand new, cannibal corpse, carnival of carnage, ceara, charlie daniels band, crazytown, crossfade, dark carnival, dark lotus, darkest hour, dead to fall, default, dido, drew barrymore, edward scissorhands, elves, europe, eve 6, faygo, fire, freya, garbage, girls, godsmack, gwen stefani, hatchetman, hatchets, hells pit, hockey, homocide, icp, insane clown posse, italians, italy, jack off jill, jack white, jak and daxter, jimmy urine, joe bruce, joe utsler, johnny depp, joker cards, juggalettes, juggalos, jumpsteady, justin, keane, kingdom hearts, kissing, korn, kottonmouth kings, krissy, kristen, love, mario, martyr ad, matt hoffman, metallica, mindless self indulgence, monoxide, mortal combat 2, mortal combat1, motley crue, napoleon dynamite, nature, nightmare before christmas, nighttime, nighttime games, no doubt, nunchucks, ozzy osbourne, pantera, peter steele, premonitions of war, puddle of mudd, queen, radiohead, rain, rammenstein, riddlebox, right said fred, ringmaster, rob zombie, ryan, savage garden, scars of tomorrow, serial killers, sex, shaggy 2 dope, shine down, silverstein, six feet under, skindred, slipknot, sublime, super villians, swamp buggy races, system of the down, tantrum, tatu, tekken, the amazing jeckel brothers, the calm, the clash, the dresden dolls, the great milenko, the white stripes, the wraith, tilt-a-whirl, tony hawk, tony hawk underground, trapt, traveling, twiztid, type o negative, unwritten law, vampires, violent j, weopons, werewolves, zug izland